Power Rangers

A group of high school teenagers gained supernatural ability after being able to get access to a hidden place holding certain artifacts that belong to previous warriors of the universe.

(c) Lionsgate

Power Rangers delivers both fun and nostalgia, visual improvement at the same time, however, failed to bring enough memorable action, produce a likable chemistry for the leads and a more enthralling plot for the audiences to have the movie buried into our minds.

(c) Lionsgate

What’s not good about the movie?

The film makers made the right choice when it comes to choosing the right actors to portray some teenage stubbornness attitude, its just that the spark between them can’t justify the rangers-teamwork that they want to personify, but that’s something that can be improved throughout the course of the film’s franchise and be able to increase the amount of coolness in it.

(c) Lionsgate

The film can’t even seem to focus on how to maintain its pace, where at some point that the excitement is at peak, however, it’ll decide to maneuver to some resting point and let the movie cool down for some moment to give way for some self-realization, instead of building more action or substance in it, then reverses it back to some charged sequences, just enough to prevent the viewers to fall asleep.

(c) Lionsgate

What’s good about the movie?

R.Cyler’s role delivers the heart of the film and he somehow manages to outshine other rangers. D.Montgomery’s Red Rangers role definitely has a leader image in it but not powerful enough to keep a foundation for our power five. 

(c) Lionsgate

Main factor that I liked about Power Rangerz is that they made sure that they will pay respect to its predecessors. From some Morphin lines to the Power Rangers music theme while keeping it modernized at the same time. Pure nostalgia to make it simple. To be honest, I’m waiting for them to make a Ranger pose while there’s an explosion at the back but that didn’t happened anyways. 

(c) Lionsgate

Director: Dean Israelite (Project Almanac : 2015)

Main Cast: Dacre Montgomery ; Naomi Scott ; RJ Cyler ; Ludi Lin ; Becky G. ; Elizabeth Banks ; Bryan Cranston

Genre: Action ; Fantasy ; Science Fiction

Rate: 5/10

Release Year: 2017

(c) Lionsgate


  • In the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (1991) the Black Ranger had a mastadon Zord. In this film, he drives a 6-legged rhino with a machine gun where its horn should be.
  • While the rangers are training in the pit, a scorpion can be seen, which could be a nod to Scorpina who appears as a villain in the original series.
  • The highest budgeted superhero film that featured a (supposedly) LGBT protagonist, Yellow Ranger.
  • There are references to the first P.W. cinematic feature, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers : The Movie (1995), where the villain is a long time imprisoned former enemy, the team must train in the pit, then a hero dies and gets resurrected and they must face a giant monster in the end.
  • The crystals used in this film is a nod to the ZEO crystals in Power Rangers Zeo (1996).
  • When the pink zord is on fire, Kimberly said “I’m burning up in here.” Which is the same line spoken by Kimberly in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.
  • First time to have a autistic Ranger.
  • The Zords are once prehistoric beasts before they morphed: mastodon, triceratops, pterodactyl, saber-toothed tiger,  tyrannosaurus.
  • In M.M.P.P. (1993), Zordon was just sealed in a dimension, in this film, he dies and his consciousness is trapped in a computer program.
  • In the mid credits scene, a missing Tommy can be seen in detention and a green jacket which opens speculations about the Green Ranger in the upcoming films.
  • The watch that Billy wears is the watch in M.M.P.P. (1993) which he made in order for them to communicate with each other.
  • The Angel Grove High School is the same school used in the Smallville (2001) series.
  • The uniforms were upgraded from spandex to a metallic crystal around their body.
    (c) Lionsgate

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