Four genetically enhanced individuals must reunite to stop the man who invented them from taking taking over the world.

(c) Turbo Films

Despite having several silly plot holes, Guardians still thrive when it comes to its awesome visual effects and a watchable good versus evil narrative. And we may need to give way to a new cinematic universe coming from Russia, just hoping they can make a better one next time.

What’s not good about the film?

As mentioned, the film has a collection of foolishly delivered acts in the hopes of people not noticing them. For example: When Arsus transforms into a half human half bear monster we can all see that his shirt is being torn apart and by the time that he reaches his prime, where he transforms into a full grown bear, his pants also tears up, however, once he goes back to his human form, his pants and shoes goes back as it is, maybe we can assume that he carries a load of clothing just in case.

(c) Turbo Films

The protagonists are undeniably terrific, its just that, the movie can’t seem to get into a good character development. Their only villain also seemed to be overpowered and they’re not even putting up a good fight, and to be honest, they somehow looked dumb.

(c) Turbo Films

They also tried to be comical, however, since Russians are known to be serious, they failed to make an effective humorous scene and it looked so awkward somehow.

(c) Turbo Films

What’s good about the film?

One thing I like is the fact that the future of their films are bright. Though they may need to improve it, but seeing their realistic visuals and a step to build a cinematic universe is something to look forward to.

(c) Turbo Films

Director: Sarik Andreasyan (American Heist : 2014)

Main Cast: Sebastien Sisak ; Anton Pampushnyy ; Sanjar Madi ; Alina Lanina ; Valeriya Shkirando

Genre: Action ; Science Fiction ; Fantasy

Rate: 4/10

Release Year: 2017


  • Budget of 330 million rubles (5 million USD)
    (c) Turbo Films

    Click Here To Watch Trailer


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