A teenager finds herself being entangled in the tail end of an old curse that is threatening her life to end after seven days.

(c) Paramount Pictures

A most awaited sequel, especially for the fans of the source material, of the 1998 Japanese version and the 2002 American adaptation, only pulled of a CGI powered, total character dullness and a derivative non-sense plot that makes this Samara wanted to stay out of our televisions for putting its dark magics into shame.

(c) Paramount Pictures

What’s not good about the movie?

The too much use of CGI, which made it pretty obvious that the people behind this project heavily relied on its outer appearance while neglecting its most desired features such as the scare factor. But, on the other hand, I really liked the part where Samara emerges from a phone with that kind of theatrical music, only way to show that she’s one hell of an evil, but that’s just about it, I mean I really didn’t feel terrified of her presence at all, I’m all but amazed and makes me wanna meet her in person, ask her how she can go through a television.

(c) Paramount Pictures

Another thing is the film’s unlikable lead characters. Matilda, the actress playing Julia, is indeed pretty and all that adorable dimples but that doesn’t save her, nor her fellow actors, from acting very unconvincingly scared and as if the movie doesn’t really blends with them and the fact that the other characters looked so awfully dumb, together with making dumb choices, you’re just going to ask yourself why are they doing thing that shouldn’t be done.

(c) Paramount Pictures

What’s good about the film?

There’s only a few but it’s not really that impactful. I admire the courage to bring the story back to life with a modern touch even though Rings failed to acknowledge its predecessors and lost its path all throughout. I do like the movie’s visuals and as I’ve mentioned before that I liked the part where they showed how bad-ass Samara’s musical score, it’s like they’re treating her as a supernatural force of destruction.

(c) Paramount Pictures

Director: F. Javier Gutierrez (Before The Fall : 2008)

Main Cast: Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz ; Alex Roe ; Johnny Galecki ; Vincent D’Onofrio

Genre: Horror

Rate: 3/10

Release Year: 2017


  • The translation of the Braille mark on Julia’s hand is spoiled in the trailer when Burke states, “The mark on your hand means rebirth.” However, this specific line were never mentioned throughout the film.
  • Special makeup effects artist Rick Baker had a cameo in the film, but the part was removed from the final cut. Baker was the lead special makeup effects artist on the first two films.
  • Originally set for November 2015 release, however, due to studio delays the project’s release date was moved to 2017.
  • It took 6 and a half hours to complete Samara’s makeup, which includes a water rig under the dress that allowed her to constantly drip water.
    (c) Paramount Pictures

    Click Here To Watch Trailer


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