Two separate lives were bound to collide after a tragic plane crash that killed all of its passengers.

(c) Lionsgate Premiere

Schwarzenegger and McNairy has their fair share of acting chops through the series of throes, however, they barely saved the entire film, but, on the good side, an elite action star like Arnie, blends well with his low-key dramatic approach and therefore I can also conclude that it is his best heartfelt performance he ever had.

(c) Lionsgate Premiere

What’s not good about the film?

Its the slow pacing and repetitive narrative that makes us antsy and the urge to fast forward to the most awaited meeting of the griever and the guilty. I think part of the problem was the film’s trailer, showing the audiences what to expect, giving us a palpable resolution as to either he’ll kill him or not.

(c) Lionsgate Premiere

What’s good about the film?

It’s not every time that we see Arnie as vulnerable as ever, and when we do, we symphatize to him, and I feel that he benefits from his age for roles like this. He only proves that it’ll never be too late for a comeback and his recent films just shows us what he can still give us.

(c) Lionsgate Premiere

Director: Elliott Lester (Blitz : 2011)

Main Cast: Arnold Schwarzenegger ; Scoot McNairy ; Maggie Grace ; Glenn Morshower

Genre: Drama

Rate: 5/10

Release Year: 2017


  • 7th film of Schwarzenegger where his family in the movie dies.
  • The movie is based in Ɯberlingen mid-air collision, July 1, 2002.
  • Maggie Grace is from OH, where the film is being filmed.
  • The real life planes that collided with each other are : Bashkirian Airlines Flight 2937 and DHL Flight 611.
    (c) Lionsgate Premiere

    Click Here To Watch Trailer


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