The Bye Bye Man

Three teenagers encountered an mystic entity that lives among the people’s mind who speaks and thinks of his name.

(c) STX Entertainment

It Follows (2014), The Conjuring (2013 & 2016), The Babadook (2014) and many more. Ideas from previous horror films, collected, thrown into a single movie, allowing audiences to eat spoiled concepts in hopes to turn it to a brilliant product, however, ends up being as ridiculous as how the antagonist looked like.

(c) STX Entertainment

What’s not good about the film?

The plot. The script. The Characters. The third act. The CGI dog (damn! I laughed at that resident-evil-inspired-zombie-dog).

(c) STX Entertainment

Derivative stories, from movies far better compared to this, only proves its lack of originality. Uninspired actors who seemed to be forced to portray someone who’s not really them, making awkward scenes over and over. And, again, that skinless poorly edited dog (I’m an animal lover to be honest) that looked far from scary but so close to laughable.

(c) STX Entertainment

The third act seems heartfelt at some point, but, it turned around and returned to its crazy path. Here, we finally conclude how weak and pathetic the characters were, how vulnerable they are as if they were made to be killed. To be frank, the film could’ve be saved (probably a bit) if it went a little darker, where the daughter actually saw the writings. Rather than having Detective Shaw stoping a stretcher with a dying victim just because she wanted to hear what he has to say, and for chissake, the guy is bleeding to death, think about being so selfish.

(c) STX Entertainment

What’s good about the movie?

I don’t know. Really. Well… Maybe I can just consider the fact that it tried and made tiny scares off of its mess.

(c) STX Entertainment

Director: Stacy Title (Let The Devil Wear Black : 1999)

Main Cast: Douglas Smith ; Lucien Laviscount ; Cressida Bonas ; Doug Jones

Genre: Horror

Rate: 3/10

Release Year: 2017


  • Doug Jones also played the Slender Man in Always Watching : A Marble Hornets Story.
  • Filmed Nov-Dec 2015 but were not release until 2017.
  • Previously rated R by MPAA.
    (c) STX Entertainment

    Click Here To Watch Trailer


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