Boyka: Undisputed

The fourth installment of the Undisputed franchise. Boyka once again faces underground human beasts in the ring after a fight accident that changes his view of the game.

(c) Millenium Films

Undisputed returns, with nothing new to offer in its plot, in a full rage with its signature perfectly fluid choreographed fight scenes that puts other mixed martial arts films into shame.

(c) Millenium Films

What’s not good about the film?

Repetitive plot and poor scripting. With great actors and impressive fighting scenes, Boyka: Undisputed disappoints when it comes to its story-telling, and yes, we do get the idea of guilt and redemption, however, it is something it can be pushed for more and to give more impact.

(c) Millenium Films

What’s good about the film?

As mentioned, and this is always the case with the Undisputed franchise, is its believable fight scenes. Those hammered punches, flying kicks and a whole lot of blood showering in every blows are what makes this movie an undeniable hit especially for the fans of MMA and just another underrated action films of the decade.

(c) Millenium Films

Director: Todor Chapkanov (Viking Quest : 2015)

Main Cast: Scott Adkins ; Teodora Duhovnikova ; Alon Aboutboul ; Martyn Ford

Genre: Action ; Drama

Rate: 6/10

Release Year: 2016


  • Its the fourth Undisputed movie and third for Adkins to star as Boyka.
(c) Millenium Films

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