A cop who has hidden connection to the criminal underworld must confront a big drug syndicate after his son was kidnapped by them.

(c) Open Road Films

A sleek, almost tough, John Wick to John McClane aspiring Foxx, who seems to be good at every role he does, failed to bring salvation to this overly clichéd dirty cop tale that only brings nothing but predictable twists but, nevertheless, a couple of decent fight scenes.

(c) Open Road Films

What’s not good about the film?

Again, it is the said clichés. These dirty cop plots are always being recycled, mixed with other concepts, few can stand out, but mostly inept to compete to overcome its predecessors. Also the never-ending father-saves-kidnapped-child stories, but, there’s just something in these formula that average movie go-ers enjoyed watching.

(c) Open Road Films

Sleepless doesn’t even know which way to balance its strenghts. One side shows its ambition to execute a hardcore action-thriller and on the other side is a foolish, pathetic family-drama-comedy-action film who desires nothing but to kick some ass even if doesn’t seem to good to see.

(c) Open Road Films

What’s good about the movie?

The film sets its tone so low. This may actually belong to the first set but I’m putting it here because Sleepless desires to have a franchise, and I’m just hoping that it’ll be better next time.

(c) Open Road Films

Next, despite its overly used concepts, Sleepless is still as entertaining as it can be, it never went dull as it is being saved every once in a while by its fastly-cut action sequences and its likeable casts, only to realize that Foxx just can’t do anything bad when it comes to his movies.

(c) Open Road Films

Director: Baran bo Odar (The Silence : 2010)

Main Cast: Jamie Foxx ; Michelle Monaghan ; Scoot McNairy ; T.I.

Genre: Action ; Crime ; Thriller

Rate: 5/10

Release Year: 2017


  • A Tamil version of the film was released back on 2015 with Dr. Kamal Hassan.
  • English-language film debut for Swiss director Baran bo Odar.
  • This film is a remake of the French-Belgian film Sleepless Nights (2011).
(c) Open Road Films

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