Monster Trucks

An oil consuming, deep earth living creatures were sucked out by an oil pump. A teenager gets a hold of one of these creatures and must help to recover the other ones and to bring them home.

(c) Paramount Pictures

A light-hearted, high-spirited monster film that despite of having a few CGI difficulties still flourished for having such a simple course that touches the heart of the young audiences, or even young-at-heart alike, making it a nice overnight family watching experience.

(c) Paramount Pictures

What’s not good about the film?

Computer Graphics Imagery. The monsters are indeed cute but there are just some areas where Till’s scene seems awkward when he mingles with his beastie bestie.

(c) Paramount Pictures

What’s good about the film?

I gotta admit it that Monster Trucks story is too simple and somewhat derivative with other eco-friendly fantasy adventures, however, it never became dull at any point due to its energy-filled theme, and maybe these trucks just have something in it that arrest our senses.

(c) Paramount Pictures

Director: Chris Wedge (Ice Age : 2002)

Main Cast: Lucas Till ; Jane Levy ; Danny Glover ; Barry Pepper

Genre: Adventure ; Science Fiction ; Animation

Rate: 6/10

Release Year: 2016 / 2017


  • Every non-police car is a Dodge.
  • Director Wedge’s first live action film.
  • According to the license plates used, the movie is set in North Dakota.
  • When Viacom took a major loss in 2016, and blamed the failures in its motiom picture distribution division. Reporters, on the other hand, pieced the information for its loss and determined that this film is the reason why.
  • Originally set for 2015 but due to several adjustments the release date was move to 2016/2017.
(c) Paramount Pictures

Click Here To Watch Trailer


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