The Assignment

Frank, a hired hitman, once stumbled upon a surgeon, whose brother got killed by him, and changes his identity for the rest of his life.

(c) Saban Films

I can’t imagine that this project took decades to develop yet produces a lame neo-noir film that over crosses some laughable sequences despite such a intriguing premise and were not even saved by its able actors.

(c) Saban Films

What’s not good about the movie?

I appreciate the effort and willingness of Michelle Rodriguez when it comes to wearing prostetic genitals but the fake beard ruined it all, in spite of the film’s sincere intentions, we just can’t stop a grimace on our faces and mockery over it.

(c) Saban Films

Character development is another factor. There’s just something when it comes to a single character, whether its a villain or a hero, narrating the past events which serves as a way to introduce its protagonist or antagonist which most of the time adds up to dullness instead of letting each persona to evolve based on their own path.

(c) Saban Films

The movie also had its missed shots, oppurtunities that should’ve made the movie a better one, it had the comic-like transitions, it has the tendency to go into a darker, gore-ish path, but it didn’t.

What’s good about the movie?

Its compelling actors. If you throw a gun to Rodriguez and asked her to shoot, she can definitely do it, but in a badass way.

(c) Saban Films

The plot. And to be honest I can’t see anything offensive as what some transgenders may claim. It is made with enough purity without the purpose of degrading any other individual.

Director: Walter Hill (Bullet To The Head : 2012)

Main Cast: Michelle Rodriguez ; Sigourney Weaver ; Caitlin Gerard

Genre: Action ; Thriller ; Crime

Rate: 4/10

Release Year: 2016 / 2017


  • Weaver and Rodriguez also starred in Avatar (2009).
  • Rodriguez’s first lead role since Girlfight (2000).
  • Director Hill read the first draft of the screenplay back in 1978.
(c) Saban Films

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