Fifty Shades Darker

With their upcoming marriage, Anastasia must face the envy of those women who came before her.

(c) Universal Pictures

Saccharine. Others may find some kind of romantic excitement but I see this film as unnecessary, where, the first and the second installment could actually be a single movie. Fifty Shades Darker provides more wit than the previous but still failed to overcome its dullness.

(c) Universal Pictures

What’s not good about the movie?

Johnson and Dornan are such good and beautiful actors but their chemistry is so much hard to find and I’m not sure if the bed scenes are to show the art of love or just for orgasm purposes.

(c) Universal Pictures

Next is the film’s focus on aphrodisiac concepts or high-end sceneries but poor when it comes to substance, and just like the first film, Fifty Shades Darker is a well received book adapted as a movie porn. Everything is so easy to foretell, as if all you want to do is to fast forward it and see what’ll happen, and as I mentioned before, the first two films (probably even the third installment) can be as good as a single movie.

(c) Universal Pictures

What’s good about it?

Uhmm… Maybe Christian Grey’s seductive presence is what most of the girls are after. Anastasia’s innocent-like persona is pretty alluring but it the end it’s kinda pathetic as well, or maybe stupid.

(c) Universal Pictures

One more thing that’s good about it is the realization that the fanchise is soon to end, and I’m expecting a darker route for the upcoming third installment but hoping for a lesser romance and more on mysterious thrill.

(c) Universal Pictures

Director: James Foley (Perfect Stranger : 2007)

Main Cast: Dakota Johnson ; Jamie Dornan ; Eric Johnson ; Rita Ora ; Eloise Mumford ; Bella Heathcote

Genre: Romance ; Drama

Rate: 3/10

Release Year: 2017


  • When Jack answers the phone in a scene he mentioned the name Eric which ia actually the actor’s name himself.
  • The dress that Ana wore in the art exhibit is the same dress worn when she negotiated the contract in Fifty Shades Of Grey (2015).
  • Lover You Should Have Come Over by Jeff Buckley is featured in the movie but was not credited in the soundtracks.
  • The wife, Niall Leonard, of the author of its book, E.L. James, served as the screenwriter for the film.
  • Dakota Johnson revealed they they have a some sort of pre-game ritual before filming their sex scenes, Jamie Dornan doing push-ups and Johnson drinking whiskey.
(c) Universal Pictures

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