The Space Between Us

The first ever human born in Mars will journey to the Earth to where he belongs, only then he will realize that home isn’t what we always expected it to be.

(c) STX Entertainment

Too predictable. Too cheesy. Over clichéd. The Space Between Us builds a great premise but fails to deliver due to its poor writing and a lot of scenes we’ve seen before, thus, making a totally forgettable chick flick.

(c) STX Entertainment

What’s not good about the film?

As mentioned, it’s too predictable. Every pictures gives away the audiences its conclusion, the fact is, (Spoiler) it didn’t took long before I thought that Gary Oldman is his father.

(c) STX Entertainment

The actors portrayal doesn’t seem to be likeable that much, yes, they have their bright moments but most of it shows as if the actors doesn’t even want to be there. And why is Oldman shouting in his every lines?

(c) STX Entertainment

Clichés. An outcast trying to fit in with the new surroundings is something we’ve seen before, and, done better. It’s kinda funny but the laugh doesn’t stay too long. Even though some of it’s parts are definitely heart wrenching, yoi can’t really deny that after all, it’ll just end up in a happily ever after. (Spoiler) I’m not sure but I prefer to have Butterfield’s character died instead of being saved, from that point is a more dramatic approach.

(c) STX Entertainment

What’s good about the film?

The visual effects are decent. The teenage love story is there. The family conflict over reputation is there, which, I consider is the best point in it. Its simple narrative and a lot of quotable quotes.

(c) STX Entertainment

Director: Peter Chelsom (Serendipity: 2001)

Main Cast: Asa Butterfield ; Britt Robertson ; Gary Oldman ; Carla Gugino

Genre: Science Fiction ; Romance ; Drama

Rate: 4/10

Release Year: 2016 / 2017


  • There are cameo appearances from YouTube stars Lele Pons and Joey Graceffa.
  • The initial title is Out Of This World.
    (c) STX Entertainment

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