Kung Fu Yoga

An archaeologist and a treasure hunter teamed up to find a long lost or rather hidden treasure that made them travel from the Tibetan ice caves to a mountain temple in India.

(c) Taihe Entertainment (c) Shinework Pictures

Some sort of kitsch. With its video-game-like visuals that only lasted for a few minutes and it may not have the same charisma as Chan’s older films but Kung Fu Yoga will definitely leave smile on your faces. All in all, with its bright colors and good humor, Kung Fu Yoga is a watchable ride.

(c) Taihe Entertainment (c) Shinework Pictures

What’s not good about the film?

It has some sort of impressive video-game CGI visuals on the onset of the movie, sadly, it only lasted for a few minutes only and we can’t see it again.

(c) Taihe Entertainment (c) Shinework Pictures

We can’t really expect an Oscar winning story or acting, so, I can’t really blame them for a brainless movie since all of it was just made for fun.

(c) Taihe Entertainment (c) Shinework Pictures

What’s to like about the movie?

To be honest, Jackie Chan’s presence is something to like. With his action and comedic ability, for sure, he’ll always put the entertainment factor on top.

(c) Taihe Entertainment (c) Shinework Pictures

Remember the time when Chris Tucker matches with Chan for every Rush Hour movie, that duo is indestructible, but we can’t have that everytime, but the good thing is, despite of Chan getting old, is that he can still blend well with other actors, but of course, it’ll never have the same chemistry with Tucker.

(c) Taihe Entertainment (c) Shinework Pictures

It also have its decent action scenes. There are some movies with good hand-to-hand but only a few can pull out an enjoyable action sequence rather than a dull butt kicking. The signature dancing number at the end, might seemed unnecessary, but that’s something Chan enjoys doing.

(c) Taihe Entertainment (c) Shinework Pictures

Director: Stanley Tong (Rumble In The Bronx: 1995 ; Police Story: 1996)

Main Cast: Jackie Chan ; Dishna Patani ; Sonu Sood ; Yixing Zhang ; Miya Muqi

Genre: Comedy ; Action ; Adventure

Rate: 5/10

Release Year: 2017


  • This is a sequel to the 2005 movie The Myth, in which Jackie Chan also starred as Jack.
  • Bollywood actor Tiger Shroff was offered a role but declined it due to scheduling conflicts.

(c) Taihe Entertainment (c) Shinework Pictures

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