Beauty And The Beast

A movie adaptation of a Disney fairy tale about a cursed prince and a villager girl who falls in love for him.

(c) Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Pure nostalgia. With a showcase of enchanting songs, towering glitz and a love story that we grew up to hear, despite its predictable outcome, Beauty And The Beast is thoroughly refreshing leaving you teary-eyed but with a floating heart.

(c) Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

What’s bad about the film?

As mentioned, it is predictable, we can all expect that it goes to a happy ending no matter what happens next. Disney’s ain’t brave enough to make their films gritty nor they ain’t that stupid to ruin children’s fantasies, which is really not a bad thing after all.

(c) Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Next is Belle. Her ways are bad and good at the same time. She teaches kids to diss her provincial life to look for a better oppurtinity outside of our safe grounds. She also teaches girls how to say bad things behind their suitors back, insulting him as brainless, and when if you’ll think of it that the Beast was once a selfish prince, and it is just a matter of time for a bad man to change into something good. So maybe, if Belle gave Gaston a chance or maybe explain the reason why she doesn’t like him, then she might be a tool for his change.

(c) Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

What are the good things about Beauty And The Beast?

Tale as old as time... The songs are just perfect and I can still feel the chills whenever I hear it playing. Every images are great and seemed to be pulled out directly from its source material. From every rooms to each costumes only shows nothing but elegance blended with reality.

(c) Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

The entire cast are marvelous, with voices that are indeed charming, and Emma Watson is the paragon of her character Belle and she looked lovely on any dress she wore.

(c) Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Another thing is although the film is pure fiction, Beauty And The Beast, just like any other Disney fairy tales, never failed to deliver it lessons about life, something that any ages can comprehend.

(c) Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Director: Bill Condon (Mr. Holmes: 2015)

Main Cast: Emma Watson ; Dan Stevens ; Luke Evans ; Josh Gad ; Emma Thompson ; Ian McKellen ; Ewan McGregor

Genre: Fantasy ; Romance

Rate: 8/10

Release Year: 2017

Trivia(s): (spoilers)

  • Jane of Tarzan is being connected to Belle and Beast as their granddaughter for the following reasons: 1) Jane has a similar appearance to Belle, especially when it comes to the yellow color ; 2) Jane’s relation to a beast-like creature Tarzan ; 3) Last is the apperance of these tea cups in an animated Tarzan piece.
(c) Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
  • The coronation dresses of Anna and Elsa of Frozen can be seen at Belle’s front door.
  • Belle asked a character if he has forgotten something, and he answered “Yes but the trouble is, I can’t remember what I have forgotten“, which is a nod to a memory spell on the village but also featured in Harry Potter films, Obliviate, and the almost exact same line are the ones mentioned by Neville Longbottom, a forgetful boy in the Harry Potter movie.
  • Both Emma and her role Belle are born in Paris.
  • The book that Beast used to transport Belle to Paris is the same book seen in Beauty And The Beast: The Enchanted Christmas.
  •  During the song Belle, Lefou mentioned the words “je ne sais quoi” which is a French phrase meaning “I don’t know what“.
  • Highest domestic opening gross of all time for a Rated PG film.
  • Watson received $3 milliom upon signing, $15 million if the movie reach $750 million globally.
  • Gaston died after he fell from a bridge in this movie. In the original 1991 animated film Gaston died after he fell from a balcony.
  • There are differences in the appearance of 2017’s and 1991’s version of the beast: 1) the old horns are curved forward and pointed straight up while the new ones are curved backward and pointed outward. 2) the old tail resembles a wolf but the new one shows a lion. 3) the old face is more of a wolf-like image and the new one is more human-like.
  • The initial ending transformation would show the prince being naked surrounded by rose’s petals but got turned down by test audiences.
  • Emma Watson came up with the idea of wearing boots for the character since Belle has traces of an inventor. She also refused to wear corset as a part of her costume. She also re-watched the Beauty And The Beast (1991) and took singing lessons.
  • During the “Be Our Guest” number, a model of Agrabah Castle of Disney’s Alladin (1992) appeared.
  • Belle’s ballroom gown consists of 3,000 feet thread, 2,160 Swarovski Crystals and 12,000 designer hours to complete.
      (c) Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

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