Kong: Skull Island

During the 70’s, the biggest living ape was discovered by a group of soldiers and scientist when they journeyed to an island in the South Pacific.

(c) Warner Bros. Pictures (c) Legendary Pictures

A totally enthralling, very detailed, picture-perfect adaptation of Director Vogt-Roberts on this action-adventure tale of one of cinema’s sought after monsters, paying homage to its predecessors but focusing more on its realistic side, summoning Kong’s gore at its finest.

(c) Warner Bros. Pictures (c) Legendary Pictures

What’s the similarities or bad things that we can still see in Kong: Skull Island?

It is predictable. From the moment that the producers confirmed a shared universe between two cinematic giants: Kong and Godzilla, we do now have the heads up on how this movie is going to end.

(c) Warner Bros. Pictures (c) Legendary Pictures

There are plenty of factual mistakes as well when it comes to history, especially when the film says that the events happened during the 70’s which will be mentioned later on the trivias.

(c) Warner Bros. Pictures (c) Legendary Pictures

What makes it better than its previous adaptations?

Well here, Kong is King, not just any other giant gorilla which is so pathetic when in comes to love. Kong: Skull Island finally removed the unnecessary (to be honest) cheesy love triangle that usually ends up getting Kong killed in a city foreign to his knowledge. The Kong that we have now is a wiser one, and definitely had the gore in his heart.

(c) Warner Bros. Pictures (c) Legendary Pictures

Next is its likeable cast, a different take from what we saw in Director Peter Jackson’s version and a lot more before him, this time most of the characters ain’t that stupid and there is a lot more depth when it comes to the reason why they’re coming to the island. Of course, I appreciate Mason Weaver’s (Brie Larson) stronger attitude instead of having another damsel in distress.

(c) Warner Bros. Pictures (c) Legendary Pictures
(c) Warner Bros. Pictures (c) Legendary Pictures

Compared to its predecessors, Kong: Skull Island has the best cinematography to date, great CGI visuals and badass slow-motion moments (especially those explosions-revealing-Kong moments), which determines that the people behind this film knows how to treat their King as God.

(c) Warner Bros. Pictures (c) Legendary Pictures

Director: Jordan Vogt-Roberts (The Kings Of Summers: 2013)

Main Cast: Tom Hiddleston ; Brie Larson ; Samuel L. Jackson ; John Goodman ; John Reilly 

Genre: Action ; Adventure ; Science Fiction

Rate: 7/10

Release Year: 2017

(c) Warner Bros. Pictures (c) Legendary Pictures

Trivia(s): (Spoilers)

  • The Athena cargo ship used to carry the team to the island wasn’t built until 2003, however, the story was set during the 70’s.
  • The Ka-Bar combat knife, with serrations on the back, which is a copyrighted pattern from Spyderco, which doesn’t exist till the 80’s.
  • They refer to Chapman as Captain, however, the maple leaf in his collar signals a Major in the army.
  • The 1973 army uniforms does not have sloped breast pockets.
  • Kong’s design was based on King Kong (1933) and the Japanese version in the 1960’s, which has some “kaiju” features when it comes to size, strength and fighting abilities, this is for Kong to match Godzilla and other monsters for the upcoming shared universes.
  • The tallest version of Kong is 147 feet, featured in King Kong Vs Godzilla (1962).
  • This is the tallest American version of Kong, standing by 104 feet.
  • This is the second installment of the MonsterVerse, first was Godzilla (2014).
  • Kong fighting a giant octopus is a homage to King Kong Vs Godzilla (1962).
  • The Vietnam National Administration Of Tourism suggested that Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts as Vietnam Tourism Ambassador for a 3 year term.
  • MUTO stands for Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organisms.
  • In some of the previous films Kong is always being tied up in chains especially in broadway but here he only got himself chained to an anchor which could be a homage with the earlier concepts.
  • In the post credits scene other monsters were revealed apart from Godzilla: Mothra (giant moth with energy beams) ; Rodan (pteranodon who can fly at great speeds) ; King Ghidorah (three-headed dragon)
    (c) Warner Bros. Pictures (c) Legendary Pictures

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