Live By Night

The movie adaptation of Dennis Lehane’s crime novel which evolves around a prodigal son of a police chief who’s life was introduced in the criminal world.

(c) Warner Bros. Pictures

Live By Night, despite being a box office and a critical failure, isn’t the worst thing you’ll ever see. But, yes, it is a terrible mess, a movie consisting of disorganized concepts, picking ideas from classic gangster films but failed to execute.

(c) Warner Bros. Pictures

Ben Affleck, known for Argo (2012) and The Town (2010), two of the best thrillers of time, is considered one of the finest directors in the industry, but, this film only proves the fact that even the most skillful can make mistakes.

(c) Warner Bros. Pictures

The premise of the movie is good, the beginning is even enthralling, with a World War I veteran whose father is a Boston police captain, then he fell in love with the mistress of a well-known boss of an Irish Gang, that could be the whole movie alone, however, the story decided to take a different route, making the rest of the film unnecessary.

(c) Warner Bros. Pictures

A few months back, I somehow got to watch Scarface () again, then I saw this film weeks later, I don’t know but Live By Night seemed to draw some inspiration from the iconic gangster played by Al Pacino, it’s just that, if this is the impression that Affleck wants to portray then he’s a long way from being an intimidating, rough-looking, bad-boy like Al Pacino in Scarface.

(c) Warner Bros. Pictures

Anyway, regardless of its inadequate reception and whole lot of wrong turns, the movie still has its decent and emotional moments (SPOILERS): Joe being beat up after his affair was discovered ; car chase ; when Joe found out that the woman he once loved is still alive ; his family being attacked at their own house.

(c) Warner Bros. Pictures

Live By Night has its strength, however, poor writing, a movie that should have been two stories, makes it a forgettable mess and definitely a step back for Affleck.

Director: Ben Affleck (Argo: 2012 ; Gone Baby Gone: 2007)

Main Cast: Ben Affleck ; Zoe Saldana ; Elle Fanning ; Remo Girone

Genre: Drama ; Crime

Rate: 4/10

Release Year: 2016 / 2017


  • Affleck played a character named Coughlin, in The Town (2010), a movie he also directed, Jeremy Renner played a role named Coughlin.
  • The movie took 2 years to make.
  • 2nd time Ben Affleck adapting a Dennis Lehane novel, the 1st was Gone Baby Gone (2007)
  • Leonardo Di Caprio was considered to play the lead role but decided to produce the movie instead.
    (c) Warner Bros. Pictures

    Click Here To Watch Trailer


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