The story of Chiron, an African-American kid, as he goes through life’s challenges as he discovers his sexuality while living in a forcing environment.

(c) A24

Moonlight builds its main subject with substance-filled chapters, acted by brilliant and compelling actors, in a rare fascinating story while dealing with difficult issues, race and sexuality, while fighting the pressures of life.

(c) A24

This is Director Barry Jenkins’ first Oscar Award winning piece, but before this, he’s already known for his style, for he fills the silver screen with detailed masterpieces apart from it being visually captivating. He doesn’t do movies for the visual pleasures, there’s always a story behind every angle of his film.

(c) A24

At first I thought that the movie will feel more like a Straight Outta Compton with a softer feature, only then I realized that this is a different kind of gem.

(c) A24

Moonlight is divided into three chapters, all with the lead being performed by three different actors whom all provided a soul to their character, Chiron.

(c) A24

The first part is titled “Little“, which entails Chiron’s isolation as a kid, for different reasons like bullying and his mother being a crack addict. The second called “Chiron” where, in his adolescent years, began to question or be curious of his sexuality, and still the bullies in school that made his inner beast came to life. The third is “Black“, a full grown Chiron, who is now a drug dealer, following the footsteps of his mentor Juan (Mahershala Ali).

(c) A24

Moonlight is so grounded in its character development, but it never went dull. Every scenes is based on the character’s perspective, which is filled with searing emotions all throughout without focusing other than its subject matter.

Director: Barry Jenkins (Medicine For Melancholy: 2008)

Main Cast: Mahershala Ali ; Alex Hibbert ; Ashton Sanders ; Trevante Rhodes ; Naomie Harris

Genre: Drama

Rate: 8/10

Release Year: 2016


  • Naomie Harris is the only actor to appear in all 3 chapters.
  • The restaurant scene at the end was filmed at Jimmy’s Eastside Diner in Miami.
  • Barry Jenkins is the first African-American to win an Academy Award for Best Picture.
  • A24’s first film to win an Oscar award for Best Picture.
  • First film since Braveheart (1995) to win a Academy Award for Best Picture with winning anything from P.G.A., S.A.G. and D.G.A.
  • Total budget of $1.5 Million USD.
  • First LGBT with an all-black cast to win an Academy Award for Best Picture.
  • During filming, oil is being sprayed on every actor so their skin will shine on the camera and the crew would hold the running slate against the lens to protect it from the sprays. The light flashes in the transitions between chapters is an out of focus digital timecode from a camera slate.
  • Composer Nicholas Britell decided to “chop and screw” the orchestra to create a unique sound.
  • An early meeting with Brad Pitt helped Barry Jenkins get the funds and the distribution deal for the movie.
  • Director Jenkins’ mom also suffered in drug addiction.
  • The 3 actors who played Chiron never met during production.
    (c) A24

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