During the 17th century, a pair of Portuguese Jesuit priest traveled to Japan to look and save their mentor and to teach and spread Christianity throughout the country of Japan.

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Painfully long. After his long years being a director, for me Silence is just one of Scorsese’s gradually absorbing films and more of a boredom despite its promising cast, but it is indeed a heartfelt drama.

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Again, don’t get me wrong, watching the Silence is just like going through the hurting pits of hell, but, in a good way, as this is what the film wants us to feel as we watch these tormented Christians.

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Another thing I like is when the narrator asks questions in his prayer, and especially when he questioned his prayer being sent to silence, that part, I’m sure that most of us felt that way before, the feeling of hopelessness to the point that we question the existence of God.

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Liam Neeson’s presence can hardly be felt in this film, but I think that’s just fine, Andrew Garfield’s sincere portrayal of his character brought life to a dying but a martyr priest.

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Director Martin Scorsese once studied becoming a priest, however, he ended up being a friar in the cinematic world, an angel to some, thus saying, it’s not really new to a Scorsese film to include any references to Christianity. Aside from this movie being about the two primary priest, it can be noticed that some stories or aspects of the Bible are being interpreted: Sinners (in this film it was the villagers protecting Christianity) being crucified ; the betrayal of Kichijiro (Yozuke Kubozuka) which is similar to Judas to Jesus ; Father Rodrigues denying Jesus similar to Peter in the Bible and many more.

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Though the movie breaks every enthusiasm in you and promises no sweet conclusion, Silence is not about who’s good and who’s evil, it’s more about creating a balance between beliefs while showing respect to each factions. Silence places one of the most important query of life: “How Far Will You Go Protecting What You Believe?“. It may not have the same charisma compared to The Passion Of The Christ (2004), it still delivers its message of faith, sacrifice and trust to our creator.

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Director: Martin Scorsese (Shutter Island: 2010 ; The Wolf Of Wall Street: 2013)

Main Cast: Andrew Garfield ; Adam Driver ; Liam Neeson ; Yozuke Kubozuka

Genre: Drama ; Religion ; History

Rate: 7/10

Release Year: 2016


  • After Garfield’s character apostatizes, a rooster can be heard crowing 3 times. In the bible, Peter denied Jesus 3 times and its written that a rooster crowed.
  • Neeson and Driver bothappeared in a Star Wars film.
  • The 3 main characters in the film are all Portuguese but none of them spoke a word of Portuguese throughout the film.
  • The first adaptation of the novel was in 1971 with a Japanese production behind them.
  • Rev. Paul Moore gave the novel Silence to Scorsese in 1988.
  • 2nd character of Andrew Garfield where he plays a religious man being sent over to Japan, the other one is Hacksaw Ridge (2016).
  • The theatrical trailer and poster were not released till a month prior to the movie’s release in the U.S.
  • Filming was completed in 73 days.
  • The premiere was held at the Vatican.

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