Manchester By The Sea

After a tragedy that tear his family apart, Lee decided to live on his own far from their place, while trying his best to forget the past and live his life. After his brother’s death, he got himself as a declared guardian of his only son based on his brother’s will.

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Manchester By The Sea drives its audiences to a heartbreaking story of loss and acceptance while pretending that everything’s ok.

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The concept of its story is something that isn’t new to our eyes, we’ve seen several films who dealt with something or someone they’ve lost, but Director Lonergan separates this film from being formulaic by maintaining its slow-paced tone instead of going for a melodramatic approach.

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Affleck’s shaky voice and bored eyes adds up to his convincing performance, making it look like an artless charm, a look on his face that defines all the problems he’s been through, waiting to be ignited, Lee is the personification of a man lost and doesn’t want to be found, a man decided to mourn his entire life.

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Patrick, Lee’s nephew, played by Lucas Hedges, represents the innocence and irresponsibility of most teenagers, the way of living their life in the riskiest way, their lack of understanding of other people’s life, where they would think that their demands are the one to be followed.

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When Lee (Casey Affleck) learned about the tragedy, just after he goes back from buying groceries, we see that he didn’t cried out loud, he didn’t forced his tears just because he heard the bad news, instead what we saw is an actual state of shock, reactions where you’ll somehow be paralyzed, no words, just pure heartbreak. This is the film’s moment and Affleck is just oustanding.

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Another emotional sequence is when Lee abruptly stole one of the police’s gun and tried to kill himself, and the look on his face when he realized that he didn’t charge the gun yet, its a look of someone who’s already decided to end everything.

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Manchester By The Sea also reminds us that it’s not everytime that the man will overcome his sadness faster than women. As what was shown, when Lee received a call from her ex-wife Randi (Michelle Williams) about her new life, her new husband and baby, he stuttered, words gone missing, unable to respond to his past.

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Now, before you brand someone as bitter, make sure you know where they are coming from, why they preferred to be isolated, why they see life different from you, because their silence speaks a thousand words, their eyes flooded with tears and their hearts are pounded into pieces and is forever lost in the abyss and only a few can get out of the trap of depression once they’re imprisoned on it, doesn’t matter if its the man or the woman, let’s just then be considerate.

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Director: Kenneth Lonergan (Margaret: 2011)

Main Cast: Casey Affleck ; Lucas Hedges ; Michelle Williams ; Kyle Chandler

Genre: Drama

Rate: 9/10

Release Year: 2016 / 2017


  • There was a scene where the paramedics are having a hard time rolling the stretcher into the ambulance and this was not scripted.
  • Casey Affleck won the Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role.
  • Kyle Chandler played Joe Chandler, both have the same surname.
  • 3rd film written and directed by Lonergan: You Can Count On Me (2000) & Margaret (2011)
  • The boat owned by Joe is named after Joe’s mother Claudia Marie, the same name appeared in one of the tombs while Joe is being buried.
  • Matt Damon was initially set to direct and star in this movie.
  • The screenplay for this film was featured in 2014’s Blacklist: a list of most liked unmade scripts of the year.
(c) Roadside Attractions (c) Amazon Studios

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