The Edge Of Seventeen

Nadine, a high-school student, began having problems with her teenage life especially after her bestfriend got into a relationship with her hated older brother.

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One of the best coming-of-age film ever made. The Edge Of Seventeen is just the typical coping-up-with-teenage-problems story, however, it is the movie’s wit and edgy humor partnered by Nadine’s rough, spoiled-brat, stubbornly and a total out-of-control attitude that brings life to its piece.

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This, I consider is one of Steinfeld’s best performances as an actress, with her natural charm and skills she, indeed, deliver her role amazingly, where it seems that Nadine is Hailee and Hailee is Nadine. I like her scenes where she’s being stubborn with her mom (Kyra Sedgwick) and older brother (Blake Jenner), its looks natural, no joke, seems like Hailee is born to be a rebel kid.

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Not just Steinfeld, but also Hayden Szeto’s, and their awkward friend-to-lovers story. Erwin’s (Szeto) sheepish and nerdy attitude blends well with a hard-headed girl like Nadine.

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This is Kelly Fremon Craig’s directoral debut and she already made a marvelous job in this likeable teenage-comedy-drama, where only a few can actually interpret a teenage angst on-screen, some of them are just focusing on building up a love story between their characters, whereas, Edge Of Seventeen created a wall so they can stick with their agenda, to relay the events that’s happening to teenagers, in a way that parents would understand.

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The Edge Of Seventeen tells about a girl, named Nadine, whose at a very young age is a total mulish up until she reached her teenage years. Then one night made the worst ever worse, she saw her older brother hooking up with her bestfriend, Krista (Haley Lu Richardson), which ruined their year-long friendship. Despite not having much of friends she’s still her teacher’s, Mr. Bruner (Woody Harrelson), favorite student, who, also served as her personal adviser. And then there’s her crush, Nick (Alexander Calvert), that high-school badass prick, supposedly her only chance of getting happy, but only took advantage of Nadine, ending up brokenhearted and, as usual, disappointed.

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The Edge Of Seventeen deals with problems or pain of feeling that you’re all alone. A kind of self-inflicted pain for the fact that you’re the one who’s giving your mind the idea of loneliness. A kind of hurt that is more painful than any other. The feeling of rejection, being left behind, the thought of you being unlovable. A kind of pathetic. Now, that’s something parents should take note of, intead of advising your children to just get over it, because you’ll never know what they’ll do.

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Director: Kelly Fremon Craig (Post Grad: 2009 as a writer)

Main Cast: Hailee Steinfeld ; Kyra Sedgwick ; Blake Jenner ; Hayden Szeto ; Hayley Lu Richardson ; Woody Harrelson

Genre: Drama ; Comedy ; Romance

Rate: 9/10

Release Year: 2016 / 2017


  • 2nd movie where Blake Jenner gets in name from a song title, the 1st was in Everybody Wants Some!! (2009).
  • Erwin and Nadine’s age gap is 10 years.
  • The Edge Of Seventeen shares the title with Edge Of Seventeen (1982).
  • Besties, is the working title of the film.
  • Kelly Fremon Craig’s directoral debut.
  • Genghis Khan (Miike Snow) and Somebody Else (The 1975), the songs featured when Erwin is interacting with Nadine, which conveys a jealous man wanting to be the only one in her woman’s life, same as how Erwin feels.
(c) STX Entertainment

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