The Great Wall

Two mercenaries searching for black powder became embrangled in China’s defense against a horde of monsters.

(c) Universal Pictures (c) China Film Group

Despite several controversies and protests revolving around the white lead character, The Great Wall is a decent Chinese-inspired fantasy not to be missed and get entertained with its polychromatic nature.

(c) Universal Pictures (c) China Film Group

To be honest, I don’t really see any problem with a white guy, in this case Matt Damon, to serve as the story’s savior or one of the protagonists surrounded by local artists. I know that China takes pride from its army, being one of the most formidable forces during the ancient times who don’t need any saving, but c’mon people, this is just a movie for crying out loud, and being saved doesn’t makes you weak.

(c) Universal Pictures (c) China Film Group

The costumes are detailed and adorable, the colors distinguish is classes of its warriors. The graphics are not a 100% perfect, but its definitely watchable, monsters climbing the wall seems pretty similar to the zombies in World War Z (2013).

(c) Universal Pictures (c) China Film Group

The actors had a great chemistry and they share the humor throughout the film, but just a heads-up, it doesn’t mean that Willem Dafoe is included that this would be a over performing movie, don’t get me wrong, The Great Wall is a very entertaining adventure.

(c) Universal Pictures (c) China Film Group

Director: Yimou Zhang (The Flowers Of War : 2011)

Main Cast: Matt Damon ; Tian Jing ; Willem Dafoe ; Pedro Pascal ; Andy Lau

Genre: Action ; Fantasy ; Adventure

Rate: 6/10

Release Year: 2017


  • Alexander Skarsgard was considered for the role before Benjamin Walker was cast, then he dropped out.
  • Third collaboration of Andy Lau and Matt Damon: Internal Affairs (2002) and The Departed (2006)
  • Constance Wu criticized the movie for having Matt Damon as the lead calling it as “cultural misappropriation” but Andy Lau defende his co-actor saying that the people alongside the lead character who fought the war were all Chinese.
  • Edward Zwick was set to direct at one point with Henry Cavill to star.
  • Majority of the scenes were filmed in China, some in New Zealand.
  • Considered the most expensive Chinese movie ever made.
(c) Universal Pictures (c) China Film Group

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