John Wick: Chapter 2

John Wick is once again drawn back to the world of assassins to complete one more mission, to pay a long time debt, before retirement, but he must stay alive while the bounty on his head goes higher.

(c) Summit Entertainment

John Wick: Chapter 2 triumphantly delivered what most action sequels are unable to accomplish, higher stakes while sustaining its tone, more gruesomeness depicted in vivid detail where the body count doesn’t even matter and headshots comes in handy together with its stylistic killings.

(c) Summit Entertainment

Less is More“. This is the impression that Director Chad Stahelski wants to imply in every John Wick films, and it shows absolutely effective. Its the same idea that its mediocre counterparts like the Hitman franchise and Assassins Creed, which both are movie adaptations of popular games, failed to understand.

(c) Summit Entertainment

The characters are all badass, no doubt. Ruby Rose is one of them and it seems that she’s getting a lot of attention and involvement when it comes to the action genre, from xXx: Return Of Xander Cage (2016 / 2017) to Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (2016 / 2017) and John Wick: Chapter 2.

(c) Summit Entertainment

Keanu Reeves, despite not having a lot of hit films these past few years, seems to have found his path back to the spotlight, thanks to Mr. Wick, he’s back as a black suited walking boogeyman.

(c) Summit Entertainment

It’s John Wick’s gothic, serious and dark personality plus his perfectly arranged fighting styles that makes him even excel 007 when it comes down to the machismo aspect of the character, he doesn’t even need a lot of women to prove it.

(c) Summit Entertainment

We can all admire Keanu’s passion when it comes to his craft, his intense gun and martial arts training even before filming starts, his willingness to do his own stunts, all of it had paid off and we got this perfect killing machine, John Wick.

(c) Summit Entertainment

Director: Chad Stahelski (John Wick 2014)

Main Cast: Keanu Reeves ; Ruby Rose ; Riccardo Scamarcio ; Ian McShane ; Laurence Fishburne ; Lance Reddick

Genre: Action ; Thriller ; Crime

Rate: 8/10

Release Year: 2017


  • Keanu Reeves and Common also appeared as enemies in Street Kings (2008).
  • The film’s director is the stuntman for the Matrix Trilogy, in which Keanu played the main role.
  • John Wick is intended to be a trilogy.
  • Keanu was trained by ex-SF members in dual weapons and close quarters shooting.

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