Operation Chromite

The historical covert operation proposed by General Douglas MacAuthur that resulted to the bloody Battle Of Incheon.

(c) Taewon Entertainment

Operation Chromite has its few intense moments, most are predictable and no matter how it tried to be that gore, with its underused villain, the film still became a laughable entry, and it seems that even Liam Neeson is unable to save it.

(c) Taewon Entertainment

I have nothing against its story, I mean, its just a retelling of the events that already happened in the past, however, the films delivery is what failed to standout. Its not that lame, the film actually has its strong points, except that it can’t keep a steady or ascending pace for the viewers to draw their attention to.

(c) Taewon Entertainment

The movie also has its wasted potentials for giving life to its characters. Liam Neeson, as General MacArthur, doesn’t impress, as if he was just there for the sake of having his presence as General MacArthur and that’s it. The acting villain is not even terrifying or unsettling, intimidating yes, but impactful, no.

(c) Taewon Entertainment

Overall, despite the movie’s disadvantages, Operation Chromite sends out an understandable recount of the Battle Of Incheon, decent gun fights and a respectful display of bravery.

(c) Taewon Entertainment

Director: John H. Lee (Sayonara Itsuka 2010)

Main Cast: Jung-Jae Lee ; Liam Neeson ; Beom-su Lee

Genre: Drama ; History ; Action ; Thriller

Rate: 5/10

Release Year: 2016


  • The movie was made and released about 52 years after the death of General MacArthur.
  • The studio wanted to shoot Neeson’s scenes in America, however, due to the movie’s background he requested it to be filmed in South Korea.
  • Third collaboration of Director John Lee and Screenwriter Man-Hee Lee, both had worked for 71: Into the Fire (2010) and Sayonara Itsuka (2010)
  • North Korea labeled the film as: “Ridiculous bravado from ignorant lunatics.
  • Operation Chromite was the actual code-name used for the mission.
(c) Taewon Entertainment

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