A pair of linguists was sent on a mission to unravel the reason behind the appearance of several unidentified objects all over the world.

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Profound. Twisted. Take all the explosions, cheesy lines, extensive costumes, for the fact that Arrival sends out a solemn interpretation of what we call the first contact.

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After Denis Villeneuve’s brilliant job in Prisoners (2013) and Sicario (2015), he, once again, helmed into an intruiging masterpiece, one pulled from fiction, but, will definitely, leave questions about existence and the possibility of seeing your own future, not in a supernatural way, but in a scientific figure.

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Though Arrival doesn’t share the same disturbing nature of Under The Skin (2013), it has, anyway, its own charisma, through its great cinematography and defining moral philosophy, which sets it apart from other films with the same genre.

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Under its wing is the undeniably striking performance from Amy Adams, whose character deeply embodied the likeness of every human being’s curiosity of the outer realm.

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In the end, Arrival is not that over-the-top Earth vs Aliens kinda movie, instead, it introduced us to a certain unworldly depth and realization.

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Director: Denis Villeneuve (Sicario 2015)

Main Cast: Amy Adams ; Jeremy Renner ; Forest Whitaker

Genre: Sci-Fi ; Drama ; Mystery

Rate: 8/10

Release Year: 2016 / 2017


  • The production created a “logogram bible” that contains over a hundred different and operative logo-grams that serve as an alien language that was used for the film.
  • Scientist and tech innovator Stephen Wolfram and his son Christopher Wolfram were consulted by Director Villeneuve and his team to ensure that all terminology, depictions and graphics were realistic and solid.
  • The inspirations for creating the alien images came from Octopuses, Whales, Elephants and Spiders.
  • The inky circular alien language were drawn by Montreal artist Martine Bertrand.
  • The design of the alien ships were inspired by an asteroid named 15 Eunomia.
  • The movie is based on a written story titled “Story Of Your Life” by Ted Chiang in 1998.
  • Amy Adams didn’t know Mandarin prior to making the movie.
  • Amy Adams plays Louise in Arrival while she plays Lois in the DCEU.
  • What General Shang whispered to Louise is “In War, there are no winners, only widows.
(c) Paramount Pictures

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