Saving Sally

A Filipino live action-animated film features a typical teenage love story that revolves around a aspiring comic book writer, Marty, whose dreaming of saving his inventor friend Sally from the bad world.

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Humorous but too mainstream. For a chick flick or a teenage movie standard, this movie will surely standout, however, for a movie that took 10 years to make, it should never be on these standards and should actually be more complex or thought provoking.

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I do understand that several factors, including movie making issues, might affect or delay the release of a film, however, it should be taken into consideration that during this era of movies, people are expecting more, and when they hear that a movie, with 10 years in the making, is being release to the public, for sure they will expect something exceptional.

(c)Rocketsheep Studios

But on the good side of it, we all know that Filipino films are not into these kind of live action-slash-animated filmmaking that much, and its nice to see that we’re slowly getting there, and Saving Sally, and films alike, makes a better way to start more of it.

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Well, another thing to be proud of is the effort of every people involved, that, despite of several rewrites, reshoots and budgetary problems, they still pursued in releasing the film, and thats something to be proud of.

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In the end, Saving Sally is a very catchy film, funny, relatable for teenagers, embodies the good and bad sides of the Philippine culture, eye-friendly but a forgettable entertainment, but, nevertheless, its something that signals the future of Filipino movies to look forward to.

(c)Rocketsheep Studios

Director: Avid Liongoren (Josephine 2016)

Main Cast: Rhian Ramos ; Enzo Marcos ; TJ Trinidad

Genre: Romance ; Comedy ; Animation

Rate: 6/10

Release Year: 2016


  • An official entry for the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) 2016.
  • Took 10 years to make.
  • Anna Larrucea is the initial choice for the role of Sally before Rhian Ramos.
  • Rhian was still 19 when shooting for the film.
  • No parts of the film were shot outside of a warehouse or studio.
      (c)Rocketsheep Studios

      Click Here To Watch Trailer


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