Patriots Day

The retelling of 2013 Boston bombing that killed and injured a lot of people during the annual Boston Marathon.

(c) Lionsgate Films

After Deepwater Horizon, Peter Berg once again provokes the intensity on his film through a very absorbing drama.

(c) Lionsgate Films

Patriots Day is a well-acted, decent retelling that focused with nothing more but details and a well-written script.

(c) Lionsgate Films

The start might be a bit slow but all is reserved after the blow, and just like that, all attention is drawn until the end, pure Berg style.

(c) Lionsgate Films

As mentioned, I find the onset kinda dawdled, but I appreciate the details given to each characters and how their lives were connected by this tragedy.

(c) Lionsgate Films

After Dun Meng escapes the carjacked vehicle, the shootout scene is one of the best scenes of the film, great cinematography, camera angles from all around the corner, giving enough depth of the event.

(c) Lionsgate Films

Real footages also serves well for the film as it was blended to the movie to add more spice, to deliver enough emotion.

(c) Lionsgate Films

Patriots Day embodies its scathing real life inspiration in a very moving and upright way.

Director: Peter Berg (Deepwater Horizon 2016 ; Battleship 2012)

Main Cast: Mark Wahlberg ; J.K. Simmons ; Kevin Bacon ; John Goodman

Genre: Drama ; History ; Crime ; Thriller

Rate: 8/10

Release Year: 2016 / 2017


  • Third collaboration of Wahlberg and Berg since Lone Survivor (2013) and Deepwater Horizon (2016), and like their previous films, Patriots Day is also based on a true story.
  • The University Of Massachusetts at Darthmouth didn’t allow filming on their campus. 
  • The film consists of two merged scripts.
  • The FBI designated MBTA Transit Police SWAT to pull Tsarenaev off the boat and to bring him to custody.
  • The handcuffs used to arrest Tsarenaev were preserved at the Transit Police Headquarters in Boston. 
    (c) Lionsgate Films

    Click Here To Watch Trailer


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