Die Beautiful

Trishia, a Filipino transgender whose death wish is to have different faces of popular personalities during his wake.

Its humorous but is definitely heart-wrenching. Die Beautiful is a story of fiction that is drawn through facts and real events that some of the members of the LGBT community is actually going through.

The film doesn’t even have a full load of stellar casts to make an impression but with their collective efforts and talents from its actors, especially with Paolo Ballesteros in his surprising piece, makes out nothing but a credible drama.

The movie is one of the few Filipino drama films who choose to step out of the typical formula and succeeds. Despite the fact that the audiences already knew that the lead character will eventually die, the movie still, unveils itself in a intruiging way and never failed to lose the grasp of it viewers, and for this, we’re giving the credit to its director, Jun Lana, and everyone else involved.

The film has the elements of drama, comedy and romance in a human’s perpective, and in the end, Die Beautiful serves its death in a very graceful and moving way. 

Director: Jun Lana (Bwakaw 2012 ; Barber’s Tales 2013)

Main Cast: Paolo Ballesteros ; Christian Bables ; Luis Alandy ; Joel Torre ; Gladys Reyes

Genre: Drama ; Comedy ; Romance

Rate: 8/10

Release Year: 2016


  • Paolo Ballesteros won as Best Actor in the 29th Tokyo International Film Festival.
  • Its lead actor, Paolo Ballesteros, is a well known make-up transformation expert, copying the likes of Angelina Jolie, Beyonce, Julia Roberts and many more.
  • Ballesteros is doing his own make-up transformation on set and usually took him about 3-4 hours to complete.

Click Here To Watch Trailer


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