The Autopsy Of Jane Doe.

Both coroners, the father and son tries to investigate the cause of a young woman’s death only to discover a dark secret lying under her undamaged skin.

Jane Doe is our new Sadako Yamamura and actually even better than Anna Fritz. The Autopsy Of Jane Doe provides the scares through its supernatural or rather wicked phenomena and with its creepy subject, the detailed inspection of Doe’s body which is engrossing as the secrets began to unravel part by part.

André ∅vredal‘s terrifying depiction of a cursed corpse is a haunting experience. The first part of the film is so focused however it seems to have lost its track towards the near ending as the movie only played with our vision through a whole lot of smoke while throwing cheesy lines.

Brian Cox‘s performance definitely carried his co-actor, as his presence is more appealing than of his acting son in this movie. Olwen Kelly‘s Jane Doe character is disturbing as her character pulls its chills through her eyes, sudden mood changes and to all of its silence.

The character / antagonist seems to be interesting however the whole story and execution is somehow unsatisfying. Its a movie designed for an overnight scare but doesn’t have the horror caliber to stay in your mind for a couple of days.

Director: André ∅vredal (Trollhunter 2010)

Main Cast: Emile Hirsch ; Brian Cox ; Olwen Kelly

Genre: Horror ; Drama

Rate: 6/10

Release Year: 2016


  • Martin Sheen was originally cast as Tommy but declined the offer due to scheduling conflicts.
  • The song featured in the film is Let the Sunshine In by Pebbles.
  • The director’s favorite scene was the elevator segment of the film.

Click Here To Watch Trailer


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