Underworld: Blood Wars

Selene once again reunites with the Vampire faction to defend their clan from the vicious Lycans.

Sleek and stylish. Sadly, the new entry for the Underworld saga doesn’t have anything fresh to offer. It actually seems like you just paid for a ticket to watch a single episode of a vampire series. Built in extreme action but failed to execute a conclusion.

Kate Benckinsale is a natural born ass kicker and she gets more badass everytime she gets into these kind of roles. Anyway, the appearance of the film’s antagonist is really disturbing but that’s about it, for the reason that we didn’t get enough screentime for it and to be honest it seems not to be a worthy opponent for Selene especially when she returned after undergoing some kind of reincarnation and hair coloring.

But nevertheless, its pretty good to see that they’ve stayed faithful to the film’s roots. We can’t also deny the effort placed on its visuals. The saga brought us the very closest representation of what Vampires could really be, the darkness is felt and its soothing. We’re just hoping that the upcoming Underworld movies can come up with some meat, some substance in it.

Director: Anna Foerster (Criminal Minds 2009 – 2011)

Main Cast: Kate Beckinsale ; Theo James ; Charles Dance ; Tobias Menzies ; Lara Pulver

Genre: Action ; Adventure ; Fantasy

Rate: 5/10

Release Year: 2016


  • Directoral debut for Anna Foerster.
  • Supposed to be the last appearance of Kate Beckinsale in the franchise but producers announced a 6th film to enter the saga.
  • The cast contains 4 members of the Game of Thrones.
  • It is the first time that Resident Evil and Underworld will release their movies on the same month (for some countries).

Click Here To Watch Trailer


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