The Magnificent Seven

Seven gun men from the old west must work together to protect a helpless village from being taken by a group of thieves.

Good for one-time viewing purposes as its noisy environment is not enough to make a mark but is indeed a watchable old west style action piece by Fuqua and notably the likes of Denzel Washington and the crew being these badass cowboys.

The dawn of the story seems to be so promising with Peter Sarsgaard’s terrifying presence but it all got thrown out into a mash of bullet waste. Don’t get me wrong, the climactic battle is awesome and well organized however its not that sufficient enough to stick in our minds and it ends up being forgotten minutes after you see it.

I’m actually looking forward to see a bloody duel between the Red Harvest and the other native but the bout turned out to be a comedy with a slash of cliched line.

The end accolades even brought some awkwardness in the ending which tried to insinuate the magnificence of the seven when nothing appears to be magnificent but nevertheless it is indeed an enjoyable and worth the time entertainment.

Director: Antoine Fuqua (The Equalizer 2014 ; Training Day 2001 ; Olympus Has Fallen 2013)

Main Cast: Denzel Washington ; Chriss Pratt ; Ethan Hawke ; Vincent D’Onofrio ; Byung-hun Lee ; Manuel Garcia-Rulfo ; Martin Sensmeier ; Haley Benett

Genre: Action ; Crime ; Western

Rate: 7/10

Release Year: 2016

Trivia (s):

  • Ethan Hawke played two western roles this year, the other is In A Valley Of Violence (2016)
  • Chris Pratt plays the role of Joshua Faraday, whom also plays the role of Star-Lord in Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy, which at the beginning of the film met a man who calls himself as Two-Gun Kid. In the Marvel Comics, Two-Gun Kid is a member of the Avengers.
  • Fuqua’s second PG-13 rated film.
  • The explosives that the characters used are produced by Giant Powder Company Of San Fransisco which is the United States’ first dynamite manufacturer back on 1868 with an exclusive licence given by Alfred Nobel.

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