The Accountant

A math savant hired to investigate a financial discrepancy in a robotic company only to unravel a twisted fate of a business family and for him to make his way to survive using abilities he learned from his past.


With a couple of action-thriller cliches, Ben Affleck strategically delivers a compelling act for his character’s snobbish, difficult but a captivating savant. The movie may not have the depth or that kind of drama but its disposable entertainment just makes you want more from it.

The film sets the tone in a somewhat inconsistent way as it goes through loops of autism drama to mind bending math analytics to some serious crime fighting hand to hand and even gun combat with the enthralling mystery solving play then goes to some laughable Anna Kendrick scenes where Affleck’s awkward response comes in perfect shape.


The Accountant seems to be in a parallel direction with the other Affleck’s notable performance as the caped crusader, Batman. Chris (Affleck) lives his everyday life with a moral code, memories of a terrible childhood who chiseled him to become an indestructible fighting machine. With his Chris’s condition of being a savant makes him a good investigative accountant which is similar to Bruce Wayne’s detective skills. Wolff is even reciting a rhyme that mentions Solomon Grundy: “Solomon Grundy, Born on a Monday, Christened on Tuesday,Married on Wednesday,Took ill on Thursday, Grew worse on Friday,Died on Saturday, Buried on Sunday, That was the end,Of Solomon Grundy.“. Affleck’s character even treasures one copy of DC’s Action Comics #1  which is a reference to Superman who is in the front page.


Anna Kendrick’s role as Dana Cummings served more of some sort of a comic relief at some point and she definitely blends well with Ben Affleck while her own simple charm stands out. There’s some spots in the film that will definitely give you an idea on what will be one of the movie’s twist with Jon Bernthal’s character and he’s much like his Frank Castle, much like The Punisher but in a much merciful way.


In the end, The Accountant may not be the most outstanding movie of the year but it definitely shares the same chills, suspense and hardcore action that films like the Jason Bourne franchise brought us. The Accountant has its potential to build its own franchise however with its limited scope I’m sure we will all get tired to see Ben Affleck be an accountant to every businesses only to find out its hidden secrets so it will be better to venture out other possibilities where they can use the idea of a savant in solving crimes.

Director: Gavin O’Connor (Warrior – 2011 ; Pride And Glory – 2008)

Main Cast:  Ben Affleck ; Anna Kendrick ; J.K. Simmons ; Jon Bernthal

Genre: Action ; Crime ; Thriller

Rate: 7/10

Release Year:


  • The paintings featured in the film are Woman with Parasol and Child (Renoir 1874) and Free Form (Pollock 1946)
  • The theory behind fraudulent number detection is called The Benford’s Law
  • Anna Kendrick’s character Dana mentioned that she used to go to casinos playing blackjack and counting cards. On the other hand, Ben Affleck in real life was barred in several casinos due to card counting while playing blackjack.

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