A senior student finds herself trapped inside an online dare gaming wherein PLAYERS get the chance to earn cash by doing dares given by the WATCHERS.


An undemanding crime thriller that is furnished with intense, gripping, adrenaline-pumped sequences and the likable presence of Dave Franco and Emma Roberts that makes you much more interested regardless of having such a simple plot.

The concept of this film is very much relatable to young or teenage viewers but that doesn’t limit the movie from being appreciated by adults since every aspects of it is very easy to understand and that’s enough to keep your attention intact.

Dave Franco as Ian

The close ups and extreme close up camera shots or just the whole cinematography serves well during intense scenes giving the feel of excitement especially the ladder scene from which a drunk Sydney (Emily Meade) is supposed to get from one building to the other by climbing on the ladder.

Emily Meade as Sydney

Furthermore, the movie’s twist at the end is somehow foreseeable (SPOILER), i don’t know exactly how I felt it was coming but I think its how some of Vee’s friend reacted after she got shot which makes me think that she’s still alive somehow but nevertheless the whole film went out very smooth and I appreciated its fast-paced momentum.which kept eyes on the screen despite the fact that most of teens nowadays, which is the target viewers of the movie, will keep their eyes on their phones and ears on the show.

Director: Henry Joost ; Ariel Schulman (Both Directed Catfish 2010)

Main Cast: Emma Roberts ; Dave Franco ; Emily Meade ; Miles Heizer

Genre: Sci-Fi ; Crime ; Thriller ; Suspense

Rate: 7/10

Release Year: 2016


  • There was a very sexual dare that was not filmed so to accomodate younger audiences.
  • In the opening scene, James Franco (brother of Dave Franco) can be seen in one of the articles in a website.
  • When Colson Baker completes one of his final dares he stands up and acted like he has a gun on his hands and sprayed bullets which is a reference to his online alias as Machine Gun Kelly.

Click Here To Watch Trailer


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