A delivery guy was drawn to a cat and mouse chase after witnessing a supposedly murder scene. 

Similar to the movie Tracers (2015), just lesser the action, lesser the thrill but more of the lame GoPro bike chase scenes. With a lot of potentials to excel, Ian Bonhote’s first action thriller to direct provided a good twist but an alluvion of boring dialouges, plot holes and underused villains.

The idea of illegal bike racing is good its just that there has to be an artistic way of presenting it in a more badass approach just like what we saw on Transporter 3 (2008).

The role of John Lynch is so disappointing which at times will make you think that “Is he even needed in the film?”. (SPOILER) Why is his character acting like a creepy hitman if he is indeed just another victim of its main antagonist? If his character would’ve talked to the witness in a nice or proper way instead of chasing him through the streets then our guy should still be alive.

The movie’s villains even failed to bring sufficient impingement or a ruthless politician who will kill just to keep his name clean but instead we got this drunk sheepish immature guy who is getting orders from his assistant.

In the end, it ain’t that bad and as aforementioned that the story has a lot of potentials and if they’ll decide to do a remake then I think the writers has to put more effort on making these types of thrillers grittier to make it mark. 

Director: Ian Bonhôte 

Main Cast: Eleanor Tomlinson ; John Lynch

Genre: Drama / Crime / Thriller

Rate: 5/10

Release Year: 2016


  • The song playing in the bar scene is Cinnamon Street by Kinkaid.

Click Here To Watch Trailer


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