The BFG.

After being abducted by a giant, a girl after all her fears towards it discovers that this gigantic being has a thoughtful heart in him that makes this big guy an outcast from his fellow giants because he never eats any children.


Dull at times, this visually overflowing family friendly adventure film doesn’t share the same fate with other masterpieces made by Spielberg but rather gave us a uninspiring sheepish child tale that lost the excitement all around the corners.

There are a lot of opportunities that this film can get even deeper or amazing or at least not make you sleepy but all goes with this tiresome interpretation that could be better if were made for cartoons.

I’d imagine that the whole adventure thing wouldn’t have happened if the kid shuts the window instead of leaving the curtains waving through the wind and run far away from that window so the giant won’t be able to reach her or at least wake everyone else. And would the queen be that easy to persuade just because her dream matches what they saw on the papers? Or because they got the chance to meet the BFG? Wouldn’t she even consider the possibilities that her army might be in danger if they’ll just go straight to the island? Why would they even consider eating if those minutes spent are used by other giants to get more kids?

Another factor that affected the movie was its source material. Roald Dahl published his book back in 1982, and yes the whole concept might be popular back then but releasing it along with other behemoths like The Secret Life Of Pets, Star Trek: Beyond, Jason Bourne and also Finding Dory is not really a good idea and as a result, The BFG was left behind.

Casting is another chunk, Rylance and Barnhill are good actors, however the story doesn’t help to build their character’s chemistry which somehow wasted the efforts of the two and apart from that, there wasn’t enough stellar cast to at least support the movie.

Nevertheless, as mentioned, the film is visually stunning and sometimes thrilling and should be appreciated by young viewers but not by all audiences due to lack of depth and width on its story. The movie has a lot of potentials to excel however it seems that the movie makers decided to go along the easiest way possible thus came out this sad looking giant, emotionless tandem and a tedious narrative.

Director: Steven Spielberg

Main Cast: Ruby Barnhill ; Mark Rylance

Genre: Fantasy ; Adventure

Rate: 5/10

Release Year: 2016


  • Almost 25 years in the making.
  • First time for Steven Spielberg to direct a full-length movie for Walt Disney Pictures.
  • Two of the dream jars are labeled “I is naked at work” and “I is naked at wedding”.
  • Second adaptation of the novel, first was The BFG 1989 which was made primarily for video / television.

Click Here To Watch Trailer


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