The Infiltrator.

​Based on a true story of a U.S. customs agent as he goes undercover into one of the biggest drug cartel in history.

Cut-and-dried. The thing about most biopics is that they have a tendency to be so ordinary and the chances of being phenomenal is reduced to a few. However, with its effective story telling, The Infiltrator still makes it way to a dramatic, tense-filled film, to reveal the reality of undercover agents.

Cranston, whom to be considered as one of the most sought after actors especially with his notable performances in the Breaking Bad series and the film Trumbo (2015), once again proved that his acting premise will carry a whole lot of weight in making this film. 

The movie has its tedious moments, mostly on parts where its gaining the viewers interests, thus fetter the film to ascend in a way that it’ll exceed other films with similar theme.

Director: Brad Furman (The Lincoln Lawyer ; Runner Runner)

Main Cast: Bryan Cranston ; Diane Kruger ; John Leguizamo

Genre: Thriller ; Crime ; Drama

Rate: 6/10

Release Year: 2016


  • In one scene in the Breaking Bad, Hank and Walt Jr. both mentioned a book written by Robert Mazur, which is the character played by Cranston in the movie. 

Click Here To Watch Trailer


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