Doctor Strange.

After his tragic car accident, a former neurosurgeon, Doctor Stephen Strange embarks on a journey to find a cure to his damaged hands only be to introduced to a world of mysticism.

As promising as what the trailer shows us, Marvel’s Doctor Strange delivers a fresh, psychedelic ride with a whole lot of spectacular visuals, bringing additional life to the formulaic previous films involved in the Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. Speaking of its visuals, it is not that surprising especially if you were able to watch Christopher Nolan’s Inception (2010) however, Marvel’s version of it was a far more overemphasized (There’s even more parallelism with Nolan’s Batman Begins 2005).

Benedict Cumberbatch’s performance perfectly provides life to this arrogant yet charismatic Stephen Strange however the time allotted for Cumberbatch character is too much that it somehow forgot to put more depth on its villains, but that is understandable since this was his origin story. On the other hand, Rachel McAdam’s limited screen time were never put onto waste as she blends in perfectly with Cumberbatch’s Doctor Stange’s and shows a great chemistry with the Sorcerer Supreme. Tilda Swinton flawlessly carried her role, I just don’t know why she’s very good at almost every weird character there is.

The plot is very simple but thanks to the idea of multiverse that audiences may be confused somehow, but for comic fans it is the part of the movie that, needless to say, brought a great satisfaction and an entertaining ride. Another good part of the film was the screen time brought to the Time Gem which gave non-comic readers a way to understand one Infinity Stone unlike to what happened to the Power Gem, which was not even properly utilized by its villain Ronan in Guardians Of The Galaxy (2014) and thanks to Loki that the Mind Gem was used properly but then its was used very often now as a laser beam by Vision.

I mentioned in the first part about its similarity with Batman Begins, and here are some few points:

  1. Same billionaire concept especially driving a Lamborghini.
  2. Went to an ancient way of healing and training, which can be compared to the League Of Shadows.
  3. D.S. shows students training in combat same as with those under Ra’s Al Ghul.

The final act makes me think on how the Time Gem could’ve changed a lot of things, like to prevent some damages caused by the Avengers and may prevent the Civil War event, but yes of course, like what was mentioned that the natural course of life cannot be altered or maybe just on some instances especially if its a Doctor Strange movie.

The cinematography is so ambitious and eye-catching which will definitely leave a mark on every imaginative minds of the kids and especially other film makers alike.

Overall, despite being surrounded by some restrained movies in the MCU, Doctor Strange dauntlessly managed to pull off the tricks to introduce not just the lead hero but a bigger universe and a wider range of possibilities for their future films.

Director: Scott Derrickson (The Day The Earth Stood Still ; Sinister)

Main Cast: Benedict Cumberbatch ; Rachel McAdams ; Tilda Swinton

Genre: Sci-Fi ; Fantasy ; Adventure ; Action

Rate: 8/10

Release Year: 2016


  • While filming, Cumberbatch walked into a book store, dressed as Doctor Strange, and bought a D.S. comic book.
  • In the comics the Ancient One is played by an old man, not a woman.
  • Before the car crash, the person on the phone mentioned an Air Force pilot who broke his back after a failure on a experimental armor, which could be James Rhodes (War Machine), which he got during the Civil War event.
  • In the comics, the Cloak Of Levitation only helped him to fly however in the film it is portrayed as if it has a life on it.
  • The book Stan Lee is reading in the movie is “The Doors Of Perception”.
  • Cumberbatch also decided to voice Dormammu.

Click Here To Watch Trailer


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