Don’t Breathe.

Three teenage robbers decided to break in to an old blind man’s house only to find out a man not to be reckoned with.

Surprisingly thrilling, this unconventional horror movie delivers a certain lesson in a nerve-wracking way. With great editing and the idea of a retired Daredevil turn mad, this film is indeed made to shock every fans of the  genre.

Three burglars decided to take on a blind retired soldier’s house and steal a large amount of cash. When they gon into the house, one of them puts on some gas in the old man’s room to make him sleep however that didn’t worked on him and as he gets out of his room, he immediately felt another presence. The first guy got shot while the other two makes their way out whilst trying their best to keep quiet, but their first attempts to escape fails while the old man delivers a hell of a fight to punish the intruders.

It is good that the film focuses more on the characters moving around with all this intensity rather than to have too much unneccessary dialouges. There are some quiet moments that stands out of the picture, the simple floor cracks and phone rings produces more scares that will make you grip a little harder on your seats.

For sure, without Stephen Lang’s terrifying performance, the main three leads, even though they can make you feel the desperation of getting out of that house, will not even fly that much. The way Lang looks on the movie, with that gray scarred eyes, muscles protruding and that white beard, is just what the movie needs.

Don’t Breathe shows how badass the old man can get as he turned the tables on his favor, however, it also produces some sort of plot holes, irrelevant coda and unintentional laughable scenes. Like, Why would she still hang on to that money when she could’ve just left the house immediately? The man is blind, so why don’t they just shoot him in the first place? Why did she choose to trap the dog in the car when she could’ve tried to manually start the vehicle since she doesn’t have the keys?

Its just a robbery-gone-wrong kinda thing however due to their perfect actor choice, good camera shots and sound editing that adds up to the excitement, setting aside its plot holes, moviegoers would still dive into watching an Old-Man-Murdock version of Director Alvarez.

Director: Fede Alvarez (Evil Dead)

Main Cast: Stephen Lang ; Jane Levy ; Dylan Minnette

Genre: Thriller ; Horror ; Crime

Rate: 6/10

Release Year: 2016


  • In Brazil and South Korea, the movie goes with its original title, Man In The Dark.
  • The trailer utters a line coming from the blind man: “Now you’re going to see what I see” but it is not included in the final cout of the film.
  • The code for the safe is 2978 which is actually the birthday of its director, 2-9-1978.

Click Here To Watch Trailer


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