The Wrestler.

After his retirement from professional wrestling, Ram (Rourke), realizes that his life outside the ring is more miserable and after his relationship with his daughter and friend turned sour, Ram goes back to perform his life defining fight.


As heart-wrenching as it can gets, you won’t expect that Mickey Rourke has a strong emotional entity in him, that feeling of loneliness, an old broken down piece of meat that delivers a satisfying drama. Thanks to Director Darren Aronofsky who just made the right choice of putting Rourke into this humanly ground which we can’t just imagine if someone else played for the role.

The Wrestler, is about a heartfelt story of an aging wrestler who experienced a heart attack after his fight and was advised to retire to avoid future complications which might include death. He then finds a job as a deli counter man who faces random people and takes their orders but then quits after his attempt to reunite with his estranged daughter turned out to be unsuccessful due to his irresponsibility as a father. With all his anguish, he then decided to go back to the ring with all his health difficulty being put aside for his one final fight.

Aronofsky, also known for his other titular dramas like The Black Swan and Requiem For A Dream, delivered a physical embodiment of pain through Rourke. The shots made during his fight are so amusing and traumatic at the same time, with the blade, body cuts and the blood spills, the scenes delivers the passion to the sport and the pain they endure during their performances in front of these boisterous and blood thirsty audiences.

Randy’s (Rourke) isolation, pain, suffering, family conflicts and how the actor portrayed the role are just some of the best aspects of the film. 

His final jump / leap was my favorite. A nail-biting scene that turned to pitch black, audiences waiting if the screen is ever gonna go back, then the credits role, that’s when the people began thinking of how it ended. 

In the end, despite the bitter ending, The Wrestler shines through the muscles of its sadness. A tale of failure and success that most audiences will always be a fan of.

Director: Darren Aronofsky

Main Cast: Mickey Rourke ; Evan Rachel Wood ; Marisa Tomei

Genre: Drama ; Sports

Rate: 8.5/10

Release Year: 2008


  • The scene where Cassidy left her shoes when she left the Strip Club is derived from a traditional wag of wrestlers leaving their boots / shoes as a sign of quitting.
  • “Sweet Child of Mine” by Guns N Roses was used for free in this film. It is also the same song that Rourke used when he was still in boxing.
  • The end scene was intended to be cut to black so the viewers can decide if the character lives or dies however on the actual cut, Rourke nailed the move.

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