Jack Reacher: Never Go Back.

When Reacher’s friend Major Turner was framed up for treason he must embark on a mission to clear up the Major’s name and along the process he discovers a secret that may change his life.

Tom Cruise is back to reprise his role as the uncompromising emotionless badass former Army Major, Jack Reacher, to deliver a intense action thriller with a new heart to give life to its story.

The opening scene in the restaurant with the sheriff could be just as tough as it could gets but it serves as a forewarning as to what we can expect all throughout the film, Reacher with his one-liner-badass-predictions.

There was sufficient decent fast-paced (I’m not sure but I think every Tom’s movie has to have a running scene) action sequences to keep the audiences be interested on what was happening in front of them. 

The *supposedly* love team between Reacher (Cruise) and Turner (Smulders) wasn’t felt that much because both seemed to have a strong presence that just doesn’t blend well.

One of the best components of the film was Reacher’s presumably daughter which gave some bosom to the film, a life to a poker-faced Reacher. The father and daughter chemistry worked much, seeing this witty Danika Yarosh and her ability to go well in the action arena provokes a bigger chance for this girl to appear in more action thrillers.

Despite some negative reviews on this movie, I still liked it. Formulaic? Yes it is. However, compared to some boring formulaic films, this one provides a more satisfying ride. Some scenes may seem to be so unreal or absurd but audiences will never get tired of seeing a solid Cruise take on the bad guys.

Director: (The Last Samurai ; The Seige)

Main Cast: Tom Cruise ; Danika Yarosh ; Cobie Smulders 

Genre: Action ; Thriller ; Crime ; Drama

Rate: 7/10

Release Year: 2016

Trivia: This movie is based on the 18th Jack Reacher series by Lee Child entitled “Never Go Back” while the first film was based on the 9th book “One Shot” so technically this was never a sequel.


Click Here To Watch Trailer


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