Star Trek: Beyond

The USS Enterprise crew faces the most terrifying foes so far, a villain named Krall who is nothing but determined to take his vengeance against the Federation.

With stunning visuals, action packed sequences and comical characters, this third installment of the New Trek Era delivers a total blast of amusement and with added figures, we can indeed expect more from the franchise.

Justin Lin definitely shows his style when it comes to fight scenes or action sequences. In fact, there’s a catching scene between James (Pine) and Jaylah (Boutella) which seemed to reflect Vin Diesel grabbing Michelle Rodriguez in mid air from Fast & Furious 6, another film directed by Lin.

The good thing about it is that the movie is happening outside of our realm, the outerspace, so his (Lin) physics defining stunts can actually pull of. 

The chemistry between the actors remained intact and the added beauty, Sofia Boutella, still looks gorgeous despite of that heavy make up.

Its not really that often that we could get a better third film (since this is actually considered as the New Trek Era) in a certain franchise and with this last offer, it doesn’t really show any signs of slowing down.

Director: Justin Lin

Main Cast: Chris Pine ; Simon Pegg ; Zachary Quinto ; Zoe Zaldana : Sofia Boutella ; Idris Elba

Genre: Sci-Fi ; Fantasy ; Action

Rate: 8/10

Release Year: 2016


  • It was stated by Simon Pegg that the character of Jaylah was inspired by Jennifer Lawrence’s role in Winter’s Bone (2010), from J-Law they got a Jaylah. 
  • Actor Anton Yelchin died months before the official release of the film due to a car accident. 


Click Here To Watch Trailer


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