When Rebecca (Teresa) experienced the same unusual unseen disturbance that her little brother Martin (Gabriel) first felt, she began to investigate and to found out a unworldly entity attached to her family.

It’s been awhile since we had some horror films like this, the kinda movie that focuses on what people are afraid of, Darkness. Call it oldschool but this movie stands out in front of other bloody and mindless hideousness. 

Transitions between shots are nicely done, just to lessen some unwanted dialouges. Perfectly acted roles parallel to these smart characters who played out well to avoid viewers disappointment, c’mon, we all are tired of seeing characters died because they forgot to open the lights, (SPOILER)turning the car lights on to take Diana out is just one example of it.

Calling the cops before some paranormal experts is not just a wise move but it shows more realism, showing some body counts apart from the main cast is also one thing. 

The conclusion is more than what we’ve expected but nevertheless it was delivered convincingly.

In the end, the movie is well executed, simple but not boring, perfectly hyped and no doubt why fans and critics liked it.

Director: David Sandberg

Main Cast: Teresa Palmer ; Gabriel Bateman ; Alexander DiPersia ; Maria Bello

Genre: Horror ; Sci-Fi ; Thriller ; Mystery

Rate: 7.5/10

Release Year: 2016

Trivia: Diana was created with a photo realistic prosthetic suit.


Click Here To Watch Trailer


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