The Prestige.

The tale about the competition between two magicians towards discovering the greatest illusion to be ever performed in stage.


Nolan just never fails to deliver. With all the distraction, the clues that was just sitting there at plain sight and the revelations that could still baffled his audiences, we could actually say that Nolan is just another magician in disguise as a director. The film doesn’t have that spectacular CGI but on how the actors performed, its much like they did the tricks on their own. Besides, viewers are already overwhelmed by the story and rather be fooled by the course of it than focusing so much on the visuals, and that is indeed one of the film’s secret to make a marvelous illusion.

Scarlett Johansson, Michael Caine and other supporting actors are also undeniably great with their performances and delivered well towards the end. Jackman and Bale, as what was said earlier, just are very compelling on the screen and the rivalry is very sweet to see. Its also a wise move to get Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison for the sake of much more realism, to think that Tesla’s and Edison’s War of Currents are actually similar to what was conveyed in Angier’s (Jackman) and Borden’s (Bale) competition to fame.

After watching the film, you would even realize that Caine’s first lines already gave us an overview or as to say clues to what will happen: The Pledge (seeing couple of hats ; seeing Jackman drown and Bale getting jailed) ; The Turn (where the beef of the plot are presented so to viewers can relate but actually a part of another distraction) ; The Prestige (where every ends meet ; where every clues lead to ; the revelation which without full understanding could still be a bit twisted).

Alright here’s few points to help you out more on sorting the film: (Yes. SPOILERS AHEAD)

  • The device given to him wasn’t a teleportation machine but rather a cloning device, as seen with hats and cats outside the area, so the act is to die every night after his performance, one Angier will be left to drown as another Angier will be created.
  • Angier will use blind assistants underground to hide the secrets.
  • Bale is playing Borden (Magician) and Fallon (Assistant), the twin brothers.
  • Fallon got jailed and executed by hanging while Borden stays free by playing to be Fallon and that’s how he was able to shoot Jackman.

In the end, the movie just have a simple plot and its all about revenge. But we all know that the art of competition, the bitter sweet rivalry, that involves great sacrifices, twists and the cruel deadlock between the leads will keep the audiences interested.

Director: Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight Trilogy ; Inception)

Main Cast: Hugh Jackman ; Christian Bale ; Michael Caine ; Scarlett Johansson

Genre: Mystery ; Sci-Fi ; Thriller ; Crime

Rate: 8.5/10

Release Year: 2006

Trivia: The Chinese magician that was featured in this film, Chung Ling Soo, was a stage character created by a Caucasian American man, William Ellsworth Robinson, who disguised himself as a Chinese man. He died in March 1918 when a bullet catch trick went wrong. “Oh my God. Something’s happened. Lower the curtain.” were his last words and the first English he had spoken on stage in nineteen years pretending to be a Chinese.


Click Here To Watch The Trailer


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