A successful business man gets lured to a trap by his previous specialist and he must finds ways to fight back and save his family.


Pierce Brosnan is never compromising as he gives life and a little thrill to this formulaic hour and a half film that focuses nothing on much but a beautiful family endangered by some lunatic. A good ride indeed however it lacks some other element that can be used for this film  to separate it from the other films with the same concept.

The excitement are gone, its more of anticipation because you already know what will happen and you just gotta wait how it’ll be. 

There’s pretty much some dumb sequences as well, like why would you let someone just put in some hidden cameras in random places in your house especially the bathroom? why wouldn’t you get enough body guards after all those threats? C’mon! We don’t need to prove that Brosnan is James Bond for G**’s sake.

Its not all a wasted effort though, its just that the film doesn’ shine that much.

Director: John Moore

Main Cast: Pierce Brosnan ; Jason Barry

Genre: Thriller ; Crime ; Sci-Fi ; Action

Rate: 5/10

Release Year: 2016


Click Here To Watch Trailer


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