Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks) wakes up in a hospital with a slight amnesia and with the help of Dr. Sienna Brooks (Felicity Jones), the two must find a biological weapon to stop a global disaster.


Its almost like a popcorn flick but thanks to its interesting rain of facts, magnificent galleries and that signature puzzle solving for humanity’s salvation, the movie could be a total washout however it still lack some structures to surpass its predecessors.

I appreciate the intensity of his dreams, the perplexed images and the twist, which I could say was just one of the few things that was pulled out successfully, however, the humor and this oddly set up love story seemed to have let the threat of global extinction not being felt that much and leaves the expression of a expected happy ending.

The villain, Ben Foster, is somehow underused, (SPOILER) and its not with the part where he commits suicide at the start of the film but with what lies behind him, the people who supported the advocacy doesn’t share the same light and was given few and forgettable scenes and a part where you’ll just ask “Who the hell was that guy they’re punching at the final act?”.

Overall, the movie was a good ride though it may need a more convincing group of villains because the threat itself is nothing without a certain push. Lessen or just cut the crap because fans are expecting a perfect thrill not some cheesy one-liners.

Director: Ron Howard (The Da Vinci Code ; A Beautiful Mind)

Main Cast: Toma Hanks ; Felicity Jones ; Ben Foster ; Irrfan Khan ; Omar Sy

Genre: Mystery / Crime / Thriller / Action

Rate: 6.5/10

Release Year: 2016

Trivia: (SPOILER) While the movie depicts that the virus was contained, the book on the other hand tells a different story. The virus has already been released days before and the video of Zobrist’s speech is the day that the population of the Earth was infected by it.


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