One of 2006’s underrated movies which will make you realize that happy endings doesn’t get to us the way we always wanted it to be. A perfect charisma from its unexpected actors blended to its soft and light tale produces a modern day musical masterpiece.

With a budget of only around $150,000, the whole production utilized every possible resources to shoot the film. That involves even the cast members’ houses to shoot most of the scenes, fortunately, it all paid off for getting a box office count of approximately $23.3 Million. With a great effort and a lovely story no wonder why Steven Spielberg love the film.

The movie doesn’t have any permits while shooting their scenes along the Dublin streets, therefore, long lenses were used to record the scenes which is actually a brilliant idea whereas passers-by doesn’t even have any clue they’re being filmed which adds up to the realistic tone of the movie.

With such a simple story, ear-catching songs and a real ending (I bet you would even want to have a different ending), Once is just another fairy tale which songs and romance are made for people who’s longing to feel a little bit of excitement in love.

Director: John Carney

Main Cast
: Glen Hansard ; Marketa Irglova

Genre: Romance / Musical / Drama

Rate: 8.5/10

Release Year: 2006

Trivia: In a scene where the guy asks the girl if she loves her husband, she responds “No, I Love You.”. But she said it in Czech language, so that the guy won’t understand it, and there’s no subtitles so viewers won’t get it as well.


Watch Trailer Here


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